Flower Look


by Annette von Einem

  • In Danish: FLOWER-LOOK

    NEW enchanting flower book by Annette von Einem

    She nips the flower heads off the stem, turns them upside down and puts the flowers on metre-long blades of grass. Leaves, branches and grasses are braided, cut, bent and shaped into necklaces, hats, shoes and dresses. Annette von Einem is known for her spectacular and sumptuous Haute Couture designs.

    Floral designer, Annette von Einem ranks among Europe’s top designers and is known and recognised for her visionary work, style and techniques. Annette teaches and gives lectures, and is known for her position as a trendsetter, and her unique designs that manage to turn flowers into works of art.

    Throughout her career, Annette von Einem has received many coveted international titles and won competitions at home and abroad, and now she is publishing her first book; a wonderful journey through the artist’s gigantic floral works, unique creations, fashion designs and bouquets.

    Look forward to beautiful, unique and poetic experiences from Annette von Einem’s flower universe in her elegant coffee-table book.

    220 sider, mål 24x33 cm. Price 399 DKK + shipping

    Price : 53,65 EUR + shipping - May vary according to the exchange rate